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Golf Stats Pro contains a multitude of features designed to help you improve your golf game.

Player / Course Information

Golf Stats Pro can store information on an unlimited number of players and courses.

The player information screen allows you to store name, contact and handicap details as well as a photo for each player and displays summary information for the rounds played by that golfer.

The course information screen allows you to store course information as well as details for each of the tees and for each hole.

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Record Scores

Enter all your rounds to track your progress over time, recording as much information about each round as you desire, including driving accuracy, number of putts, bunker shots, penalty shots and shots played from the rough.


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Golf Stats Pro will automatically calculate your handicap for you from the rounds of golf that you have played. It supports both the US and UK handicap systems which covers most countries around the world. Support for other handicap systems will be appearing in future versions of the software.


Player and Course PDF reports can be generated to give you a professional and informative summary of the rounds you have played.

Player Summaries

Summary information can be viewed for any player, giving quick and easy access to all the important information.

This is available from the Player Information screen.



Statistical Analysis

View statistics concerning your golf game, including the following :

Rounds - View your progress as a golfer by viewing graphs that display your golf scores over a time period of your choosing.

Multiple golfers can be viewed at a time to easily compare them against each other. Additionally, this can be filtered by course or by tee to see how you perform on different courses or whilst playing off different tees.

Rounds Graph


Putts Per Round/Hole - The number of putts you average over a round (or by hole) can give you a very good idea of how strong your putting is. A golfer is expected to average 2 putts on every hole so an average of 36 for the round is considered "par".

Greens in Regulation (GIR) - Used to indicate how often the golfer reaches the green in the regulation number of shots. The regulation number of shots to reach the green is the par of the hole minus two shots. For example, on a par 4 you should be on the green after 2 shots. This stat is useful for judging how good your driving and iron play is.

Driving Accuracy - Used to measure how accurate a golfer is from the tee. It measures, as a percentage, how often the golfer can land his ball in the fairway. It is a very useful way to measure how well you are hitting the ball off the tee.

Driving Accuracy Graph

Scrambling - Used to indicate, as a percentage, how successful a golfer is at saving par when failing to reach the green in regulation. The regulation number of shots to reach the green is the par of the hole minus 2 shots. For example, you are expected to reach a par 5 hole in 3 shots. It gives a good idea about how good your chipping and putting is, as well as how well you cope under pressure.

Bounceback - Used to measure how often a golfer can return (or "bounce back") successfully from bad holes. It measures how often a golfer shoots under par on a hole following a dropped shot(s) on the previous hole. It is useful in measuring the mental toughness of a golfer and how well he recovers from setbacks.

Hazard Save - Measures how often you can shoot par or better on a hole after falling prey to a hazard. This can include bunkers and dropped shots. It gives a good measure as to how well you cope under pressure as well as your bunker abilities, recovery skills and adaptability to difficult situations.

Hole Scores - View and analyse your scores on particular holes.

This can be viewed either as a bar chart or as a pie chart depending on your preference and can also be filtered by hole, tee or the par of the hole.


Hole Scores Chart